EVR Products manufactures hand-built, customized and standardized

EVR Products manufactures rubber-based products for various industries. These products include standard and customized options. Their products are used in a wide variety of applications. In addition to serving various industries, EVR Products also manufactures products for various other purposes. These include water and air filters, electrical components, and more.

Expansion Joints

EVR Products manufactures hand-built, customized and standardized expansion joints, connectors, elbows and hoses, and pressure sensors. These products are used in industries such as pulp and paper, food processing, and petrochemicals. These products are distributed globally through distributors.

Pinch Valves

Evr Products is a company that manufactures standardized and hand-built pinch valves and other products. These products are used in petrochemical, food processing, pulp and paper, and industrial applications. They have distributors around the world.

Duct Connectors

EVR’s duct connectors have a variety of properties that make them ideal for a variety of applications. They are light weight, corrosion and abrasion resistant, and offer high fatigue resistance. They can also be insulated for high temperatures. These duct connectors are suitable for use with read what he said positive-pressure systems, and can eliminate vibration from equipment.

Pump Connectors

Elasto-Valve Rubber (EVR) Products, located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, produces elastomeric piping solutions for a wide range of industries. Their engineering expertise in elastomers allows them to custom-design solutions for any application. Their core product line includes pump connectors, elastomeric expansion joints, elbows & hoses, pinch valves, check valves, and pressure sensors.

Replacement Sleeves for many brands of Pinch Valves

The sleeve is the most important part of a pinch valve. It provides corrosion and abrasion resistance, as well as pressure containment. The quality of the sleeve directly affects the overall quality of the valve. Red Valve Sleeves offer superior design, construction, durability, and performance.

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