Cressida's Transformations - art and photography
Renowned speech by Kathleen Notman.The subject is emotion in relation to artistic creativity.
Over the years many have been inspired by it. 40 minutes in duration.
The listener is advised to play the first part then a day or so later, the second part.
There is much to digest. Recommended for students.
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Written and narrated by Kathleen Notman


Speech recorded on CD
Availble from Public Libraries
May be purchased from "Iamplify" and other retailers


It continues to be an inspiration for all who are creative. Some believe it is the voice that delivers the message that makes it so compelling. Yet Notman’s research into why many truly great artists – painters, musicians, writers … excelled while others with equal technical skills failed, offers convincing answers. Her findings are empirical yet discoveries by some neuroscientists endorse much of what Kathleen Notman has discovered through art.

 Emotion releases chemicals that influence creativity. Deeply felt emotion has a profound influence on creativity.

Distributed around the globe, the speech was first issued on CD in the year 2007. Notman became interested in the subject of emotion in relation to creativity when making her collection of portraits, “20th Century Woman”. The portraits are a combination of photography and painting. The photograph represents the subject as seen with the eye, the painting is emotion transformed into shapes and colours. For the role of the protagonist, she adopted the name Cressida and transformed herself into approximately 35 different 20th century women. Like the actor, Notman absorbed the character she was portraying. She asked herself why, in a few of the portraits, there is an actual physical resemblance to the subjects she portrays. Through her research, she found the answer. It is said that Notman’s voice is mesmerizing. Knowing that not only artists keep this recording beside them and play it when they need inspiration, is of great joy to her.

"I have listened to this recording several times and have found it to be quite hypnotic and mesmerizing. It is very well done and its message is clear and to the point." (Lennox Campello, art critic) 

Audio CD - speech

ISBN 978-0-473-09809-4       ISBN/EAN 978047398094      ISBN (10): 047309891

BIC subject: Theory of Art (ABA)

Listeners: General (U.S.Trade) (G); Undergraduate (UU)

Publisher: Cressida's Transformations


Note: This speech has been translated into several different languages. It is available in many public libraries. Should you not be able to obtain a copy, please send us a message and we will endeavour to supply one.