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3. History of Women's Fashion Hats

Women love to see these beautiful images of hats from past eras
 and to read their history, who wore them .... 

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The history of women's fashion hats is told in this unique manner. Many of the images use flowers and leaves as the materials to re-create women's hats fashionable over a period of a hundred years. Others use art and photography.

Enquiries about the images are received from individuals world-wide wanting to know more about the work, where to buy images and so on. Hence, Notman decided to compile an ebook in appreciation of all those who have bought greeting cards and images she created.

The book opens with a brief history of women's head-wear before hats became fashionable. The reader learns something of the women famous for creating or wearing notable designs.

This ebook will be enjoyed by the reader with only a brief time to spare as well as the one who has longer to dwell among its pages.

History of this collection: 

In the 1980s Kathleen Notman travelled the length and breadth of England talking on radio about her collection of fashion hats. Listeners were in rapture hearing her talk about the history of women's fashion hats. She received so many invitations to speak about women's fashion hats that eventually she was forced to decline most of them.

This led to her creating her collection of images "Hats & Flowers" featured in "The History of Women's Fashion Hats" and in other publications. Flowers and leaves are the materials used to create hats fashionable from the 1860s to the 1960s.

Kathleen Notman has designed hats, modelled hats (seen below) and searched the countryside in England for hats (in good condition) from past eras.

(Kathleen Notman also writes under the name CRESSIDA)

      Before 1860, fashionable women wore the bonnet...

Then, in 1860, everything changed.  English designer, WORTH residing in Paris, created HATS for women! 
And so the story unfolds ...

Seen here are hats from the collection featured in
History of Women's Fashion Hats
by Kathleen Notman