Moseley Collins: A Leading Expert in Healthcare Malpractice Legal Representation

Throughout the United States, medical negligence causes serious injury and wrongful death in alarming numbers. For over four decades, Moseley Collins Law has fought aggressively for client rights against individual healthcare practitioners, regional hospital networks and gargantuan pharmaceutical conglomerates who breach accepted standards of care during the delivery of patient services. Whether you or a loved one sustained irreparable damages due to surgical errors, medication mistakes, negligent childbirth practices resulting in birth injury or other professional negligence, the accomplished Imperial County medical malpractice attorneys at Moseley Collins Law stand ready to review your case for free.

Medical Malpractice Expert

Achieving justice after questionable hospital, clinic and doctor office care ruins lives in Battle Ground and Clark County demands comprehensive legal insight and meticulous preparation to identify lapses in standard of care contributing to serious illness or tragic loss. While no amount of money can return pre-malpractice health or replace lost family members, pursuing financial accountability can alleviate burdens moving forward. Our firm pursues viable claims with compassion, unwavering determination and a proven track record of securing substantial settlements and verdicts from liable providers in California and nationwide.

We Obtain Verdicts and Settlements From Larger Hospitals in Medical Malpractice Claims

As nationally recognized medical Moseley Collins Healthcare Malpractice Expert lawyers with a long history of successful cases, Moseley Collins Law is able to level the playing field with massive hospitals that are unwilling to negotiate fairly when defending against meritorious malpractice claims. Our firm combines unparalleled medical-legal expertise, an intimate understanding of healthcare administration and years of courtroom trial experience to build compelling arguments that resonate with opposing counsel – ultimately bolstering settlement values well beyond the range of non-specialized rivals.

We have earned the respect of veteran insurance defense lawyers and risk management professionals who know we will be relentless in pursuing justice on behalf of clients. This translates into elevated settlement values before more challenging jury trials may be necessary down the road.

Compassionate yet Fierce Advocacy

Our seasoned team of veterans medical malpractice lawyers brings a combined total of more than 50 years of litigation experience. We have won numerous 8-figure verdicts and settlements, representing patients and families from across California and the nation.

We will thoroughly yet sensitively review your unique circumstances during a free case assessment session, in-person or online. Our clients and their families are our priority. Our firm donates time and resources to local community projects and events, such as packing meals for Feed My Starving Children, sponsoring the Fish Family Fest, and joining auctions at the Sierra Pregnancy and Health Gala.

Have you or someone you love suffered permanent harm as the result of apparent medical negligence at a Tuolumne County medical provider? Do you have grounds to pursue financial accountability from those responsible? Our experienced legal team is prepared to provide a full evaluation of your case. Our team of legal and medical experts will thoroughly investigate your claim, gather evidence, and document the full scope of your losses.

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