Choosing the Best Wood Countertop

Choosing the best Pennsylvania home improvement contractor for your custom wood countertops or kitchen island will depend on several factors including the time you have available, your budget and the level of expertise that you want. By using a professional contractor you can rest assured that your countertop design is finished to the highest quality standards and that you will receive a great return on your investment. With a little knowledge of your local area you can find a home improvement contractor that offers quality workmanship, competitive prices and will deliver your custom wooden countertops in the shortest time possible.

It is possible to get custom wood countertops in all different styles, sizes and shapes. You will need to decide exactly what you want before you choose a contractor that will complete your project and whether you require the installation of your countertops or not.

Custom wood countertops or kitchen islands come in many different styles such as: solid top, plank top, half plank top and precast tops. Solid top countertops are ideal for kitchens that don’t have a lot of space to work with, so they are very popular with people who like to cook. These countertops usually consist of one or two boards and you will generally see a lot of open spaces at the back. A good solid top countertop will keep out any spills and stains and will look great when finished.

Custom wood countertops are also available in a variety of thicknesses from thin to thick, but you will find that this will affect the price you pay. If you are only interested in getting a custom top on the counter, you will probably only be able to find solid top options.

You may be surprised by how many different designs are available for your custom kitchen island or countertop. There are many different materials to choose from, so if you are looking to finish off your kitchen make sure you choose the right material for your countertops or islands. For example, you will usually find maple, oak, pine, cherry and teak in solid top or custom wood countertops and in a variety of thicknesses.

Custom wood countertops can be found in many different finishes including: antique white, honey, antique brown, rust, natural, red, natural, clear, beige, blue, pink and gold. If you decide to use an older finish for your countertop, you may be required to add a protective sealant.

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