How to Get Rid of Grease in Your Kitchen Exhaust System

If you’re interested in cleaning your kitchen exhaust system, here are a few tips to keep the system clean. First, you need to check the grease traps on both sides of your hood. If they are not emptied, remove them and pour the contents into a separate container. Leaving the grease on the hood will cause it to block the drains.


FLEETWASH is a leading hood cleaning company with over 700 mobile units. It provides top-notch service for companies large and small, including gas stations and restaurants. Last year, FLEETWASH re-imaged more than 1,000 gas stations and completed more than 2,000 cleaning jobs. They have also washed and sanitized 8 million vehicles, 75,000 trash compactors, and 100,000 solar panels. Their services also include steam cleaning, vacuuming, and power washing. They will also polish your hood until it shines like new.

Commercial grade hot water power washers

If you’re in the market for a kitchen hood cleaning Exhaust Hood Cleaning machine, you might be interested in one that is certified for both indoor and outdoor use. Such washers use propane or electricity to heat the water. They can deliver superior cleaning results while requiring minimal water consumption – an important consideration for commercial kitchens. Commercial grade power washers for hood cleaning should also have top-quality components and solid casing.

Commercial grade de-greasers

A variety of commercial grade de-greasers are available for hood cleaning. Choose one that contains no sulfates or harsh chemicals. Its composition is derived from all-natural ingredients. Moreover, it is biodegradable, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.

Professional kitchen exhaust system cleaning

Kitchen exhaust system cleaning should always be done by a professional. It is essential to keep the exhaust system in good working order, otherwise it can lead to expensive repairs and even injury. A qualified kitchen exhaust system cleaning crew will know how to clean the entire exhaust system without damaging any parts. A professional company will use specialized tools and chemicals to thoroughly clean all the parts of the system.

NFPA 96 guidelines

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has set guidelines for the cleaning and maintenance of commercial kitchen range hoods and grease hoods. These guidelines emphasize the importance of grease removal and professional cleaning. They also detail the locations where the cleaning must be performed.


Cost of hood cleaning is an important consideration for restaurant owners. You should determine how much it will cost to clean your hood system, and how much time it will take the service to complete. Some services charge an hourly rate, while others charge flat rates that cover the entire cleaning process.


It is vital to schedule hood cleaning to avoid potential fires and other risks. A regular schedule will ensure that your kitchen is protected from the hazard of grease and other contaminants, and it will also help to prevent the growth of bacteria. A well-maintained hood will also improve the quality of air in your kitchen.

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