Tips For How to Get Pregnant at Age 40

If you have been trying to conceive for more than a year then it is quite likely that you have asked yourself “How to get pregnant at 40?”. While it may seem like the magic age where children are born without delay, it is important to remember that fertility decreases with age. In fact, fertility decreases of up to thirty percent after menopause are recorded in medical records.

So if you are approaching the end of your reproductive years then it is important to be aware of your own fertility and the fertility of your partner. Being aware of your own fertility and being actively involved with making dietary and lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in your chances of becoming pregnant. The first step towards trying to conceive is a full medical checkup by your doctor. This will help to rule out any problems with your thyroid or your ovaries that may affect your fertility.

Next it is important to determine your sex hormones. Some people ovulate at the beginning or the middle of their menstrual cycle, while others do not ovulate at all. This information can be obtained from a visit to a fertility clinic. Knowing your sex hormone level will help you and your doctor to set an optimum age for initiating intercourse.

Another way to increase your fertility is to start a weight loss program. Your overall health is very important when it comes to fertility. Weight is known to negatively impact fertility. So it is extremely important to shed those extra body pounds as soon as possible.

Knowing your current weight is not the only important factor when you are trying to conceive. Your height is also an important consideration. The taller you are, the lower your chances are of conceiving. So if you are interested in how to get pregnant at age 40, then you will want to be no more than two inches taller than your partner.

Knowing when you are ovulating each month is also extremely important. Ovulation can be unpredictable, so it is important that you keep track of your own menstrual cycles and chart them for each month. By doing this you can predict your own fertility. It is recommended that you chart your own cycles for about six months before trying to get pregnant. Learning how to get pregnant at age 40 can be fun if you follow the proper steps.

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